Schitt's Creek's La Belle Maison Mansion Just Hit the Market

You can practically hear Alexis shrieking "David!" inside this mansion.
You can practically hear Alexis shrieking "David!" inside this mansion. / Property Vision Media

Before the Rose family tumbled from the top of the financial food chain and landed in Schitt’s Creek, they basked in the comfort of a lavish manor whose filming location was a 24,000-square-foot mansion in Toronto’s ritzy St. Andrew-Windfields neighborhood.

With 14 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a movie theater, a pool, and a garden filled with fountains and sculptures, the four-story estate might as well bear a sign that reads “Extremely rich people live here.” Right now, however, nobody does. As reports, the mansion, named “La Belle Maison,” is currently on the market for 21.888 million Canadian dollars, or nearly 17.7 million U.S. dollars.

Classy! / Property Vision Media

Though constructed in 2012, La Belle Maison is meant to evoke the spirit of 17th-century France. Inside its wrought-iron front gates is a banquet hall that can accommodate some 150 partygoers; a foyer plastered with stained glass and Sistine Chapel-like frescoes; and both a marble staircase and a marble fireplace. There are also plenty of contemporary amenities, including a kitchen fit for a professional chef, an elevator, an aquarium, and a heated driveway big enough for more than a dozen vehicles.

“The property is very unique because it has this artisan, authentic European esthetic but meets 21st-century modern home,” Daniel Milstein, an Aaron Kirman Group realtor working to promote the estate to U.S. buyers, told the Toronto Star. “It incorporates a true European palace property in a contemporary setting in the city.”

Room to stage a production of Cabaret.
Room to stage a production of Cabaret. / Property Vision Media

As of October 21, according to Milstein, nobody had actually made an offer on the property. If you want to toss your hat in the ring, maybe double-check to make sure your business manager isn’t secretly swindling you out of your fortune first.