Calling All Green Thumbs: Here’s Your Chance To Save Big at The Sill (And Get Some Cute Plants, Too)

The Sill
The Sill / The Sill
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Stocking up on houseplants can give you a much-needed dose of happiness and possibly even improve the air quality inside your home. And even if you don’t naturally have a green thumb, there are plenty of ways you can learn how to care for indoor plants. The Sill—an online plant retailer that offers easy-to-follow care instructions—currently has a sale that can help you add more green to your living spaces, without stressing about your plant's odds of survival.

From now through Monday, November 1, The Sill is offering a “buy now, save later” promotion where you can earn a $10 voucher if you subscribe to the brand's email and if you make an online order of $65 or more. This voucher can be used only on purchases of $65 or more from Monday, November 15 to Monday, November 22 at 3 a.m. EST. You can use the coupon in the store or online, but you cannot combine it with other promotions or offers.

The Sill

The Sill offers a wide variety of indoor plants and succulents, including best-selling options like the ZZ plant (priced from $42), Monstera Deliciosas (available starting at $57), and others. You can shop for pet-friendly greenery that's safe for cats and dogs, get plant bundles, or even sign up for the site's monthly subscription service at $60 per month to jumpstart your collection.

This special promotion also includes plants from The Sill’s sale selection. Right now, you can snag ultra-trendy picks like the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant starting from $16. Originally priced from $23, it'll net you a savings of $7. Native to the tropics of western Africa, this plant does well in direct or indirect light and thrives when it's placed in or right next to a window.

So, whether you just want to add a few new babies to your plant fam or you're looking to get started on your journey toward becoming a plant parent, The Sill has a little something for everyone. Check out its vast collection of indoor plants and succulents, and take advantage of the “buy now, save later” sale before it ends on Monday, November 1.

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