You’re Using Your Plastic Cup Lid All Wrong

Water ring, begone.
Water ring, begone. / dontree_m/iStock via Getty Images

Disposable cup lids are, of course, useful for keeping a potable liquid contained while you’re in transit. Once you’ve arrived at your destination and settled down at a table or desk to enjoy said beverage, however, the top has pretty much served its purpose. There’s a good chance you leave it on so your straw stays in place, so you can sip from the lid’s drinking hole, or just out of habit.

But, as Best Life explains, the lid has another function that you might like to take advantage of instead: It doubles as a coaster. Most disposable lids have a ridge around the top, which the bottom of your cup should fit comfortably inside. Some even have a few protruding bumps that your cup can sort of snap into so it doesn’t slide around. Just make sure to wipe off the bottom of the lid before you use it as a coaster.

The hack is arguably much less useful for hot drinks. For one thing, they don’t generate condensation; and keeping the lid on top of your cup might also help prevent some heat from escaping. A cold drink, on the other hand, could pretty much always use a coaster. The condensation that drips from the side and pools at the bottom is a menace for quality tables. And even if you’re setting your drink down on a surface that you can easily wipe off without leaving a water ring, there’s still the possibility that you’ll accidentally stick your sleeve in the puddle before you get around to actually wiping it up.

If your coaster-less drinking has left water rings on your wooden furniture, mayonnaise or a hair dryer can help.

[h/t Best Life]