Arby’s Is Serving Up Curly Fry-Flavored Vodka

Arby's / Arby's

Arby's may be famous for its roast beef, but devoted customers know that the chain's curly fries are the highlight of the menu. Now, the fast-food chain is serving the item in a way you've likely never had it before: as hard liquor.

As Food & Wine reports, Arby's curly fry vodka will be available to purchase online in late November. The fast food-inspired booze is a collaboration between Arby's and Tattersall Distilling in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's made by distilling potato vodka with cayenne, paprika, garlic, and onion to capture the flavor of the spiced, starchy side dish. Arby's recommends using the spirit as the base for a Bloody Mary, which would pair great with one of their roast beef sandwiches.

The curly fry vodka is one of two novelty drinks Arby's is promoting this month. Earlier in 2021, the restaurant chain introduced crinkle-cut fries to its menu alongside their signature curly variety. Tattersall Distilling is also producing crinkle fry vodka for the company, which will have a simple salt and sugar flavor profile to appeal to fried potato purists.

Imbibers in eligible states can purchase both the curly fry vodka and the crinkle fry vodka when they go on sale at at noon ET on November 18. Once that batch sells out, a second drop will go live on November 22. You can purchase the bottles separately for $59.99 each or buy them as a bundle for $119.98.

[h/t Food & Wine]