You Can Now Buy a Waterproof Book

Bibliobath, Vimeo
Bibliobath, Vimeo / Bibliobath, Vimeo

When do you get a chance to really dive into a good book? Not one on your phone, not one on your computer, but a physical, paper book. Who has time for that anymore? Bibliobath, a Kickstarter company created by Dutch-Chinese husband and wife team Jasper Jansen and Wing Weng, is trying to reclaim your reading time by creating waterproof books. Now, you no longer have to stop reading when you do the dishes, float on a raft, or gallivant in a fountain. And if you are the type of reader who requires total serenity to digest a heavier novel, you can read in the tub without worrying about dropping your book or your tablet into the bubbles.

The books are made with a synthetic paper that “feels like real paper” but is fully waterproof. The team also found which inks worked best by testing them against “various water temperatures and soap types.”

Depending on your pledge amount, you can either get a copy of short stories by Mark Twain, a selection of poems by W. B. Yeats, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, or, for a limited time only, a special edition of The Art of War by Sun Zi.

The company's financial goal is to raise $10,140 by July 15, and they plan on shipping out orders directly from their home in Amsterdam in October of this year.

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