Treat Your Loved Ones With These 7 Holiday Gifts Everyone Loves Getting

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As the holidays approach, you’re probably feeling some pressure to find the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones—and if you’re completely out of ideas, we’ve got you covered. Mental Floss has teamed up with Pizza Hut to provide you with seven holiday gifts everyone loves getting. From audio gear to cozy pajamas and spa days, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

1. A Trip to the spa

Everyone could use a little rest and relaxation to recharge their minds and bodies. If you know someone who’s been a little more tense than usual, book them a spa package that includes access to saunas, whirlpools, and a full-body massage. You can even book the trip for a group and cross multiple people off your list at once.

2. Access to a premium streaming service

Whether the person on your list is into movies, music, podcasts, or sports, chances are there’s a premium streaming service geared toward them. You can usually get gift cards that offer three to six months’ worth of access, or you could go the extra mile by signing them up for a whole year.

3. A gym membership

Gym memberships can be pretty pricey—so pricey, in fact, that it might deter people from joining altogether. If you know someone who’s hesitant to make the membership commitment on their own, buy them a few months of access to a local gym for the holidays. This allows them to go to the gym and figure out what exercise routine fits their needs without worrying about the money. If the person you want to buy for already has a membership, you can get them a few sessions with a personal trainer to help them learn a few new tricks.

4. Audio gear

Get the music lover in your life the gift of new audio gear for the holidays. If they like to listen to music in peace, go for a pair of noise-canceling headphones or earbuds so they can fully immerse themselves. Or you could go with a new set of smart speakers for anyone who loves to blast their favorite songs while doing chores around the house.

5. A cozy pair of pajamas

If you know someone who loves to just lounge around the house and melt into the couch on their days off, find them the softest pajamas possible and throw in some equally comfy socks for good measure. If you really want to spoil them, join them on the couch and top off the day with the Triple Treat Box® from Pizza Hut. Complete with breadsticks, two medium, 1-topping pizzas, and an order of Cinnabon® Mini Rolls, it’s the ultimate reward for anyone looking to unwind with some comfort food.

6. Museum memberships

Most cities have nature, art, history, and science museums, and you can indulge your loved one’s passions by gifting them a membership to their favorite institution. In addition to free admission, many museum memberships have other benefits like free access to classes, discounts at the museum store, and more.

7. Gift cards

For the pickiest people on your list, go the safe route and get them a gift card to a popular big-box chain store or their favorite local shops and boutiques. This saves you the trouble of finding the perfect gift, but it will still be personal if you choose the right store.

If you’re looking to reward yourself this holiday season, go for the Triple Treat Box from Pizza Hut, which comes packed with breadsticks, two medium 1-topping pizzas, and an order of Cinnabon® Mini Rolls. Not only is it filled with crowd-pleasing comfort food, but you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas to enjoy it.

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