7 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Entertained This Holiday Season

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Imgorthand/iStock via Getty Images Plus / Imgorthand/iStock via Getty Images Plus

The holidays are all about family, but as any parent knows, the boredom sets in fast for kids who are home from school over the long break. This is especially true as it gets too cold for outdoor activities. That’s why Mental Floss has teamed up with Pizza Hut to provide you with seven easy ways to keep kids entertained this holiday season.

1. Host a fashion show.

One of the simplest ways to keep young kids entertained is to put together a costume box filled with hats, coats, purses, shoes, glasses, costume jewelry, and other items. Let your kids pick whatever over-the-top outfit they can think of, then let them walk the (imaginary) runway and pose for some pictures in their new ensembles. If you don’t have any spare clothing lying around, head to a thrift store for inexpensive and unusual items.

2. Make your own holiday decorations.

Give your home a hand-crafted touch this holiday season by letting your kids in on the decorating festivities. You can do something simple like having them make snowflakes out of construction paper to hang on the tree, or you can buy all the ingredients necessary to make an entire gingerbread neighborhood. Take it a step further by having the kids make ornaments to give out as gifts to the extended family.

3. Go camping indoors.

Turn the living room into an indoor campground by using pillows, blankets, and furniture to build a tent that you can all decorate with twinkling holiday lights and other festive knickknacks. Then everyone can climb inside and read from their favorite holiday stories or watch a movie on a tablet or streaming device. Make the indoor camping experience even cozier with the help of some comfort food like Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat Box®. Complete with breadsticks, two medium 1-topping pizzas, and an order of Cinnabon® Mini Rolls, this is a crowd pleaser for kids (and adults) of any age.

4. Make a homemade holiday movie.

If your kids know how to use a digital video recorder or smartphone, let them make a holiday movie to share with the family. They can take some time to write a short script, gather costumes, and construct a backdrop—or they can recreate a scene from their favorite holiday-themed book or TV special. If your kids are too young to helm their own production, film them singing their favorite carols and turn their routines into a music video.

5. Draw a holiday storybook.

If your child is camera shy, break out the colored pencils and crayons and let them draw their own holiday-themed storybook. They can base it on their favorite holiday memories, or they could try their hand at something completely original. If they’re up for it, they can present it to the whole family once they’re done.

6. Take a drive and look at the holiday lights.

Your kids won’t want to stay indoors all day long, so when they get too restless in the evening, gather them in the car and drive around local neighborhoods to take in all the holiday lights and decorations. To really get the mood just right, play some holiday music along the way and turn a simple drive around town into a treat.

7. Create a holiday scrapbook.

Print out photos of previous holidays and have your kids build a scrapbook of their favorite memories. Once they have the pictures, paste them onto colored construction paper and give your kids stickers, pipe cleaners, and other crafting supplies to adorn the books.

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