15 Emoji-Themed Products to Text Your Friends About

shapeways / shapeways

What better way to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of the taco emoji than with some emoji-themed clothing and accessories? Here are 15 emoji products you can actually buy—and then brag to your friends about (over text, of course, while using your favorite characters).

1. A bottle opener

This cool metal bottle opener features everyone’s favorite smiling pile of poop (sorry, Mr. Hankey). The piece is 3D printed just for you, and you can even order a 14k gold version—although you really shouldn’t.

2. Balloons

It’s not a true party without these sweet mylar balloons. You’ll need to fill them yourself, but it'll be worth it once you see all those happy faces (on the balloons and your guests!)

3. Loafers

Eddie Parker and Del Toro have rolled out a line of swanky accessories called M'Oticons. These loafers boast a variety of different emojis, strategically paired to convey cheeky messages—a flame on one shoe and a chick on the other, for example, means “hot chick.” (For people who aren’t very good at rebuses, the shoes have a corresponding clutch that says “#hotchick” in glittery text.)

4. Pins


offers—you guessed it—awesome pins, including a whole slew of emoji-themed options. Some notable examples include the “100” and the Sassy Hand Girl.

5. An emotional mug

Artist Jason Travis chose to put his own spin on the familiar emoji set. The piece looks great on a mug, but also comes as a tote bag, throw pillow, or rug.

6. An entire book

Fred Benenson, Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Emoji Dick

is the first book to be completely translated into emojis. It’s entirely unintelligible, but still a must-have for any avid texter.

7. A stylish shirt

You don’t have to sacrifice style when you make the commitment to wearing emojis. This button-down shirt features an elegant Smiling Poop pattern so subtle, your friends might not even notice it's there. Don’t wear shirts? The pattern also comes on sneakers.

8. Nail art

Now you can live the dream of looking at emojis on your fingers while those fingers type emojis on your screen (hopefully said screen will be wrapped in an emoji phone case). The cool nail decals can be applied to light nail polishes for a strong statement that doesn’t require words.

9. Beanies

The best way to keep your ears warm and head stylish is with an emoji-branded hat. Other options include the sassy help desk woman, heart eyes, and of course, the beloved Smiling Poop.

9. Pillows

Frankly, it’s hard to believe anyone can sleep soundly without one of these adorable pillows nearby. Throwboy makes this, and all the other Internet-themed pillows you could dream of (or with).

10. Stickers

Free the emojis from the confines of your phone with stickers. The jumbo pack offers 960 stickers for you to stick on whatever—or whomever—you want.

11. Socks

Let your feet do the talking with socks covered in your favorite emojis. The fabric is handprinted and comes in two sizes, so your whole family can match.

13. Masks

Good news: We found your Halloween costume. These fun, slightly unnerving disguises help you wear your emotions on your face—something you clearly have never been able to do until now.

14. A keyboard

We’re getting closer and closer to completely abandoning the written language, and this keyboard cover may end up being the final push. Using a special software, Mac users can type exclusively in emojis, meaning you'll soon be able to hammer out your own emoji masterpiece (à la Emoji Dick) right on your laptop.

15. Stamps

Birthday cards, backs of hands, business memos, and sleeping friends can all be jazzed up with these fun emoji stamps. You can also use them to send your friends faces via snail mail when your phone’s on the fritz. And they say print is dead!