The 25 Best Cities for Single People

Dating can get easier depending on where you live.
Dating can get easier depending on where you live. / PeopleImages/iStock via Getty Images

If your relationship goals consist solely of coupling up, where you live can make a big difference. Major cities typically have more things to do and more chances to cross paths with a potential partner, whereas less densely populated areas can make dating a little more difficult.

To sort all of these variables out, the financial advice site WalletHub put together a list of the most single-friendly U.S. cities. WalletHub took some obvious factors like the population of singles into account, but also examined what an average date might cost. They also kept an eye on online dating opportunities that might be better in one area than another.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Madison, Wisconsin
  2. Seattle, Washington
  3. Portland, Oregon
  4. Denver, Colorado
  5. Austin, Texas
  6. San Francisco, California
  7. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  8. Portland, Maine
  9. Tucson, Arizona
  10. Boise, Idaho
  11. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  12. Reno, Nevada
  13. Salt Lake City, Utah
  14. Burlington, Vermont
  15. Missoula, Montana
  16. Tempe, Arizona
  17. Manchester, New Hampshire
  18. Atlanta, Georgia
  19. Rochester, New York
  20. Lincoln, Nebraska
  21. Columbia, South Carolina
  22. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  23. Honolulu, Hawaii
  24. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  25. Cincinnati, Ohio

These areas satisfied WalletHub’s criteria for being lively. But when considering the same population, economic, and social dynamics, some cities fared poorly. Sites like Laredo, Texas; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; and Jackson, Mississippi don’t portend well for singles. Ranking at the very bottom of the 182-city list is Glendale, California, which might make it the top choice for introverts.

Source: WalletHub

You can check out the full list of cities compiled by WalletHub here.