Type Your Way to Middle-earth With These Lord of the Rings-Inspired Elvish and Dwarvish Keycaps

Matt3o/Dwarf Factory/Drop
Matt3o/Dwarf Factory/Drop / Matt3o/Dwarf Factory/Drop
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When J.R.R. Tolkien created Middle-earth, he filled it with rich culture, nuanced history, and robust languages for fans to pore over. And if you've ever wanted to become proficient in one of those fictional languages, you can incorporate them into your everyday life with keyboard keycaps featuring Elvish and Dwarvish characters. These officially licensed Lord of the Rings keycaps come from designer Matteo Spinelli and are available on Drop, with sets starting at $100.

The Lord of the Rings keycaps feature characters in Tengwar—the Elvish script—and Cirth, which was adopted by the Dwarves. If you’re new to Tolkien's languages, you might want to start with the Elvish and Dwarvish training base kits. These kits feature the fictional characters and terms on each key, along with their English equivalent. If you don't want your hand held, the "hardcore base kits" only feature fictional characters, so there's no safety net. All the keycaps are expected to ship by January 18, 2022.

Matt3o/Dwarf Factory/Drop

In addition to the standard keycaps, there are two wrist rest designs based on the dragon Smaug—one features his fiery eye, and another shows him in his lair surrounded by gold. Both are handcrafted, available upon request, and expected to be shipped by May 3, 2022. There are also three artisan keycaps based on The One Ring that feature different Middle-earth locales. The first keycap is designed after the Anduin river, which was the ring’s home after Isildur’s death. Then there's one for the enchanted elvish forest of Lothlórien, where it tested Galadriel, and lastly, the ring’s final resting place in the fiery abyss of Mount Doom. All three keycaps are available for pre-order for $65 each and are expected to ship by March 18, 2022.

Head on over to Drop to find out more.

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