For Two Days Only, Burger King Is Selling Its Whoppers for Just $.37

Justin Sullivan/iStock via Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/iStock via Getty Images / Justin Sullivan/iStock via Getty Images

The Whopper celebrates its 64th birthday this weekend, and Burger King is celebrating by throwing its menu back to the 1950s. As CNN reports, the iconic burger is selling for its original price of $.37 on Friday, December 3 and Saturday, December 4—but ordering one won't be as easy as walking up to the counter.

Burger King debuted its Whopper sandwich at its flagship location in Miami, Florida, in 1957. In his autobiography, the burger's co-creator Jim McLamore said that he wanted the name to "convey imagery of something big" after noting people's fondness for oversized meat patties. Shortly after launching the new menu item, Burger King erected signs declaring itself "the Home of the Whopper," and the flame-grilled burger became a symbol of the brand.

To take advantage of Burger King's anniversary deal, you need to become a Royal Perks rewards member. After signing up for the loyalty program, download the Burger King app and redeem the digital Whopper coupon. The special throwback price of $.37 is only applicable to purchases made through the app or website. In other words, you'll still have to pay at least a couple bucks if you order the burger in person.

Burger King isn't the first fast food restaurant to celebrate a classic item by bringing back its original price. McDonald's launched a similar promotion in November when it sold its Egg McMuffin for $.63 on its 50th anniversary. Like that deal, the $.37 Whoppers are only around for a limited time.

[h/t CNN]