Santa Claus Is Coming to a Video Screen Near You—Here's How to Plan a Virtual Visit to the North Pole

Create Holiday Magic
Create Holiday Magic / Create Holiday Magic
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Getting to meet Santa Claus at the mall during the holiday season is a time-honored pastime for children. However, those hesitant about heading to a crowded shopping center during a pandemic might not know where to turn to replicate this classic Christmas experience. Thankfully, the virtual Santa Claus business is booming, so you can still catch up with him in the North Pole before the big day.

Though Cameo is mainly known as the online video messaging platform celebrities use to communicate with fans, you can also use it to receive a message from Santa Claus. For $39, you can get a personalized video for yourself or a loved one. If you want Kris Kringle to make a virtual appearance at your holiday party or next business meeting, it'll cost $280. One Cameo customer who got a message from Santa Claus for their children raved about the service. “Fantastic!!!! So much better than I anticipated. My children were awestruck,” they wrote.

Create Holiday Magic

Cameo isn't the only game in town if you're looking to see St. Nick before the holidays. Another option is to head to Celebrate Holiday Magic, which offers three ways to interact with Santa Claus on any device like a laptop, tablet, or cellphone. For $10, you can try Story Time, which gives you a special reading from Santa of the classic poem "‘Twas the Night Before Christmas," which may or may not have been written Clement Clarke Moore. Next, the Jingle Bells photo experience offers unlimited access to Santa’s Story Time and Christmas-themed photo backgrounds for your pets and your family for $30. Originally valued at $49, this offer is good until January 30, 2022. Lastly, the Holiday Traditions Bundle grants you all the same features as the Jingle Bells photo experience but includes an unforgettable, personalized, live call with Santa Claus for $60 (valued at $149). Even though this is a virtual experience, there is a limit so if you’re thinking about doing this last option, make sure to book it soon before all the slots are taken.

Visit both Cameo and Celebrate Holiday Magic and explore new ways to get on Santa's nice list from the comfort and safety of home.

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