22 Before and After Photos of Adopted Dogs

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Adopting a pet can result in huge transformations, for animals and their humans alike. In a SubReddit called /r/BeforeNAfterAdoption, adoptive pet owners get together to share how much their pet has changed. Most animals have grown healthier and stronger—others feel so comfortable in their new digs, they have no qualms about showing off just how silly they can be.

1. Ziggy

Photo via Mykol225

Ziggy went from being skinny and scared to being a caped crusader. His owner isn't quite sure what breed he is, but he certainly is loved.

2. Vincent and Angelo

Photo from Deserett

These pups are best friends. They were found together, and while they no longer live together, Vincent and Angelo were both adopted out by an agency in Toronto and occasionally have playdates.

3. Spokey

Photo via goldie0702

These pictures were taken just a day apart. Spokey was found in rural West Virginia; today, she's doing even better.

4. Lucy

Photo via AbortRetryImplode

Lucy was malnourished when she was adopted and had an array of other health problems too. It took her a while to adjust to life with her new owners, but she's now happy and healthy. Her owner posted a whole album if you want to check out her progress for yourself.

5. Walker

Photo via sweetdisaster

Found in New York City, Walker had a rough time before being adopted. He had some health problems at first, but once he got better he quickly adjusted to his new home. He likes playing with Bruno, the other dog of the family, and spending time outside. 

6. Herschel

Photo by littlewolfen

Herschel was taken in by a friend of his former owner, who tried to take him to a shelter. He was turned away because he was deemed too old to be adopted out. Today he's happy, healthy, and looking extra-distinguished.

7. Bella

Photo byjumpswoaparachute

Bella wasn't ready for adoption when her owner found her, but her owner never gave up and the two now live happily ever after together. For more happy dog park pictures, check out her album.

8. Mr. Whisker Party

Photo from glitterspecs

This adorable little guy was rescued from a shelter. He needed some minor medical care, but is now doing great.

9. Annabelle

Photo from jemartian

Annabella was a neglected, underweight puppy when she was adopted. A few months later, she's on the road to a healthy life with loving owners who really love taking her picture.

10. Polly

Photo from rocknroll_heart

Polly is a deaf, 12-year-old dog who has trouble with transitions. Now, her owner happily reports she's doing great and loves to play.

11. Bruno

Photo from hottovix

Bruno and his family are moving into a new house soon, which is great, because he's expected to be around 100 pounds when he's done growing!

12. Jasper

Photo from pricklyontheinside

Jasper was nervous before his adoption. Now, he loves the dog park and is up for anything.

13. Ann

Photo from danceswithronin

Ann's owner says she went from pauper to princess. The pup's mother wasn't taking care of her, but now that Ann is in a better home, her owner says she's tripled in size.

14. Toby

Photo from oofie321

Reddit helped connect this dog with his new home. After seeing a video of the pup, his new owners tracked him down across the state to make sure Toby would end up in a loving home.

15. Bumble

Photo from MiniLurkette

Bumble had some serious medical problems when he was adopted. Now, he's assumed his rightful place as king of the castle.

16. Eleanor Pigsby

Photo from cashleyborin

Eleanor Pigsby was rescued from a city pound and could not be happier.

17. Mr. Lady

Photo from trickygonzalez

Mr. Lady was found on the streets of Los Angeles just days after his owner moved in. After a two hour bath and a whole lot of TLC, Mr. Lady is now affectionately referred to as "THE FATTEST DOG ALIVE."

18. Philip J. Fry (or Fry for short)

Photo from Beelzebot44

Philip was adopted during an event held by a local shelter after an immediate love connection.

19. Peach

Photo from thatg33kgirl

Like many pound dogs, Peach was found wandering around with a few infections. Luckily, her new owners have taken great care of her and nursed her back to health.

20. Lucy

Photo from psych0logy

The shelter this dog was adopted from believed that she had been hit by a car, and her medical bills made it difficult for her to get adopted. That didn't stop her current owners from taking her in and getting her the treatment she needed.

21. Bubba

Photo from nopowertoolsdale

Named after golfer Bubba Watson, dog Bubba was adopted from a foster group who found him tied to a pole. While he's still hesitant to trust people, he's doing much better and even has a new favorite sports team. 

22. Bingo

Photo by woxihuanchirenrou

Bingo wasn't properly taken care by his first owners, which led to him having to get one of his legs amputated. But that hasn't stopped him from loving his new friends and owners with all his heart. Bingo is doing much better in his new home and now loves food and playing with everyone he meets.

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