If you’ve ever emerged from a shopping excursion with absolutely no idea of where you parked your car, you’ll be happy to know that a simple (and free) feature can make life a whole lot easier, and it’s all thanks to Google Maps.

As CNBC reports, the driving-direction software is able to pinpoint the location of your vehicle—it just takes a little premeditation. When you park your car, open the app on your phone and tap the blue dot, which indicates your current position. Then, hit "Save Your Parking." (On iOS, it’s worded as "Set As Parking Location.")

Google Maps makes it easy to find your car.Google

Google Maps will now remember where your car is being left. (You can also add notes or even photos to help jog your memory.)

That’s it. Google Maps now knows where your car is. You can even share the location, in case you want to meet up with someone prior to entering a store or want to direct someone to get something from your car.

[h/t CNBC]