There are Poop-Filled Mites On Your Face Right Now

YouTube / Gross Science
YouTube / Gross Science / YouTube / Gross Science

If you're squeamish, you should probably stop reading now. Are the new readers gone yet? Good. So here's the situation: Demodex mites are on (or more properly, in) your face right now. They live inside hair follicles, and over a roughly 2.5-week lifecycle do everything you'd expect a little gross mite to do: Eat, poop, and reproduce. On your face.

One of the grodiest aspects of these mites is their lack of an anus. I'll let this nice video from the folks at Gross Science (brought to you by WGBH and Nova) explain how the poop comes out:

But don't worry. The mites were there before you read this, and they'll be there after you read this. They're like happy little pooping friends, but on your face. They are probably not harmful and might even be beneficial. So just don't think about them. Nope, no reason to freak out whatsoever.