Cadbury Is Hiding Creme Eggs Worth Thousands in UK Stores

An egg worth some serious cash could be lurking somewhere in here.
An egg worth some serious cash could be lurking somewhere in here. / Sean, Flickr // CC BY-ND 2.0

Cadbury fans in the UK have another reason to pick up one of the company’s trademark chocolate creme eggs. In an idea seemingly straight out of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, some rare eggs are being sold in stores that can be redeemed for up to $13,500.

According to Ad Week, Cadbury has distributed just 146 half white chocolate and half milk chocolate creme eggs to UK grocery stores. Consumers won’t know whether they got one until they unwrap the egg. And to claim the prize, they can’t eat it.

The offer is part of a new ad campaign in which Cadbury fans are depicted as struggling with the choice of getting the money or indulging in the egg. (Most would, presumably, redeem the winning egg and just buy another Cadbury.)

The cash value of the special eggs ranges from $67 to $13,500. If a shopper finds one, they can call Cadbury using a number on the egg and inform them of the date and location of the purchase, along with the code printed on the winning ticket included with the egg.

Cadbury’s first chocolate egg appeared in 1875, which the company filled with chocolate drops. A cream-filled egg debuted in 1923 and has since become popular during Easter celebrations. If this latest promotion seems inspired by Wonka, it's somewhat fitting: Author Roald Dahl has said he drew from his experiences being a "taste tester" for the company while in school when he wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

[h/t Ad Week]