Home Chef Sends Ready-to-Cook Meals Right to Your Door, and Now You Can Save Big on Your First Three Deliveries

Home Chef
Home Chef / Home Chef
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Cooking doesn't come naturally to everyone. While having the right kitchen tools and accessories can make a world of difference, when it comes to actually hunkering down and creating nutritious dinners for the whole family, it can be a struggle. This is especially true if you're not all that enthusiastic about being on chef detail in the first place. That's where meal kits come in: This type of delivery service helps take the heat off meal prepping and ensures that healthy food is sent right to your door. Now for a limited time, you can try out one of the most popular meal kit delivery services for a fraction of the normal cost.

At Home Chef, you can save $90 on your first three orders, which breaks down to a savings of about $30 per box. This offer, which is only valid for new subscribers, is good for up to 10 weeks, so even if you sign up online (which is totally free to do) but end up getting cold feet before you purchase your first box, you can still have time to take advantage of this significant discount before it expires.

Home Chef

While there's no shortage of meal kit delivery services out there—HelloFresh and Blue Apron being among the biggest—Home Chef is worth trying because the brand lives up to its name. Each package is designed to make you feel more confident in the kitchen navigating different types of recipes, making you a more skillful chef over time.

Once you sign up on the brand's site, you'll be guided to answer a series of prompts about your dietary preferences, including the types of food you want to avoid (the brand offers vegetarian options as well as meat-friendly ones) and more. You can select the number of recipes you'd like to receive per week, as well as the number of people you'll be cooking for at home, which will determine how much fresh food is sent your way. With Home Chef, you can opt to skip deliveries or cancel at any time, and that added flexibility makes it a stellar option for folks who are new to meal kits and don't want to be locked into a delivery service.

Aside from how simple the service is to sign up for, the real fun starts when you get a load of all the nifty recipes you'll get to choose from. The weekly menu is always changing, but right now, for example, Home Chef subscribers can get all the supplies and recipes they need to make goat cheese and herb-stuffed chicken, sesame tofu rice bowls with broccoli, or one-pan Italian sausage pasta with Swiss fondue, mushrooms, and peppers, plus so much more. Ingredients are prepped and divided in labeled bags, which makes it all the easier to whip up great dishes in a flash.

If you hate all the pressure that comes with planning out meals for the whole family and are looking for some extra help in the kitchen, this Home Chef deal could be the perfect opportunity to give yourself a much-needed break (and still save money in the process).

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