Prince Charles’s Watercolors Are on Display in London

Prince Charles adds a flourish to a children's painting in Australia in 2018.
Prince Charles adds a flourish to a children's painting in Australia in 2018. / Patrick Hamilton - Pool/Getty Images

George W. Bush and Britney Spears are far from the only public figures who enjoy painting watercolors. So does Prince Charles—and if you happen to be in London sometime in the next month, you can judge his talents for yourself.

As Travel + Leisure reports, 79 of the prince’s watercolors are being exhibited at The Garrison Chapel at Chelsea Barracks from now until February 14. It’s not his first exhibition: Hampton Court Palace celebrated his 50th birthday in 1998 with a 50-painting showcase; and the National Gallery of Australia displayed 30 works for his 70th birthday in 2018. But The Garrison Chapel’s display is the largest to date, and it’s also hosted by his own foundation—The Prince’s Foundation—which fosters sustainable living worldwide.

The Prince of Wales primarily paints natural landscapes, from Scotland to France to Tanzania, and prefers to do it while seeing those vistas himself, rather than working off photographs. In fact, as he wrote for the exhibition, “I took up painting entirely because I found photography less than satisfying.” Considering how often his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, has been seen with a camera in hand, it seems she doesn’t agree.

Charles also explained that he’s “under no illusion” that his works are “great art”—but he does think he’s improved over time. “Looking back now at those first sketches I did, I am appalled by how bad they are,” he wrote. His progress may at least in part be attributed to art lessons he’s had with Hugh Casson, Derek Hill, and other acclaimed British artists.

The exhibition is free—no advance notice necessary—and open most days through Valentine’s Day. Find out more about it here.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]