Don't Own a Level? You Can Use Your iPhone to Hang Pictures Straight in Your Home

Your iPhone is a handy home improvement tool.
Your iPhone is a handy home improvement tool. / katleho Seisa/iStock via Getty Images

Many of us learn the hard way that attempting to hang a picture without a level only leads to frustration. You can try to eyeball it, but a few degrees of crookedness is all it takes to turn an otherwise beautiful piece of art into an eyesore. But you don't necessarily need to run to the hardware store before your next redecorating project. As long as you own an iPhone, you have an accurate level at your disposal.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple's Level feature is hidden in an app you may already use around the house. Open your iPhone's Measure tool and select the Level option. Using its built-in motion sensors, the device will now show you how close an angle is to being level with the ground. The bottom half of the screen will be black when the surface is uneven and green when it reaches a perfect 0°. If you can't look down at your phone, you can also set it to vibrate to receive a tactile notification when it becomes level.

The iPhone's Level feature is handy when you don't have a level at home, and it even has some advantages over the conventional tool. You can use it to measure angles in relation to any item in your house. Once your phone is level with the surface or object of your choice, tap the screen to log that angle. A red plane will now appear at the bottom of your screen showing you what's level in relation to the new measurement you recorded. Reset the app back to the standard configurations by tapping the screen again.

Your iPhone is good for a lot more than making calls and checking social media. After taking advantage of the level tool, you can open the Accessibility page to activate your phone's Magnifier. Here are more useful things you didn't know your iPhone could do.

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