Woolrich’s Winter Sale Let’s You Save Up to 50 Percent on Premium Coats, Boots, and Loungewear Sets

Woolrich / Woolrich
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In the northern hemisphere, the months between November and February (or longer if you live in places like the Midwest or Canada) can sometimes mean temperatures drop below freezing and there's potential for snow and ice storms. So, to make sure you have all the right equipment for the coming weeks, outdoor apparel brand Woolrich is having a massive sale you won’t want to miss.

Now through Monday, January 31, you can save up to 50 percent during Woolrich’s Winter Sale, which features over 400 items, including hiking boots, comfy loungewear, and GORE-TEX coats. Now when you step out of your cozy home and into the blistering cold winds of winter, you’ll be wearing some of the best gear around.

Daniëlle Cathari/Woolrich

One of the essential items that everyone who lives in a cold climate needs is a good coat, and preferably one made from GORE-TEX waterproof fabric so you can stay warm and dry while outdoors. Thankfully, the Woolrich sale includes many coats with this weatherproof material. The men’s GORE-TEX Urban Field Jacket with hidden hood ($590 on sale) and the women’s Marshall Parka in GORE-TEX with removable hood ($550 on sale) are both lightweight, packable, wind and waterproof, insulated with a duck down to feather ratio of 90/10, ideal for temperatures between 32 F° and 14 F°, and discounted over $200.

However, if wind and rain aren’t an issue where you live, the Hibiscus jacket, which is half off in both the short ($195 on sale) and longer hooded ($220 on sale) sizes, might suit your needs. They’re water- and wind-resistant, insulated with goose-down, have a two-way front zipper, and are available in multiple sizes and colors. Though if you live in a city and want to stay warm and stylish, the White Indigo Flower coat, also half off at $175, will easily layer with your other items from your winter wardrobe.

Those who don’t want to leave the house at all can snuggle up at home in the Daniëlle Cathari Merino lounge pants ($135 on sale) and matching sweater ($180) set that’s stylish enough if you must run out and grab something.

Check out the Woolrich Winter Sale before it ends on Monday, January 31 and get up to 50 percent off these great cold-weather clothing items.

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