Book Your Valentine's Day 2022 Bouquets and Assortments Now With New Releases From 1-800-Flowers

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On Valentine’s Day in many parts of the world, loved ones give each other gifts. For example, in Wales, it's traditional for partners to give one another engraved wooden spoons to symbolize their love. In Japan, women buy men sweets. In the U.S., flowers are one of the most common presents to give on February 14, especially red roses, and 1-800-Flowers has just released new bouquets and assortments to mark the big day.

The collection features classic bouquets of long-stem red roses, available starting at $75. If you'd prefer those roses come in a snazzier vase, you can grab a bouquet of them in an ornate red vase, priced from $90 and up. But why stop there? Many of the arrangements in this Valentine's Day collection come as assortments featuring other gifts such as jewelry, teddy bears, chocolates, and candy, too.


For more unique plant-based gifts, there are a variety of plants you can give your loved ones, such as succulents in a heart-shaped pot, from $50; a bonsai tree with blooming azalea and a windchime for $55 and up; and a bouquet filled with lilies, daisies, and other flowers, starting at $65. If you want to go even more non-traditional, you can present your beloved with a gift basket filled with yummy treats like cookies, kettle popcorn, and chocolate-covered pretzels starting at $60.

Though Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks away, 1-800-Flowers recommends making your gift and flower orders as soon as possible, to help expedite the delivery process. However, if you can’t decide until the day of or accidentally forget to get someone a bouquet, you can still use the brand’s same-day delivery service (note, this is available in select local areas only).

Check out all the flowers and gifts 1-800-Flowers has to offer to treat your sweetie to something great for Valentine’s Day 2022.

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