Rest Easy By Saving Up to $700 During Purple's President's Day Mattress Sale

Purple / Purple
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When it comes to buying big-ticket items like couches, televisions, and mattresses, finding a deal to help mitigate the costs can be extremely helpful. President’s Day is a great time to be on the lookout for sales and discounts on these types of items, especially on bedding, and we’ve already spotted one that can help you save in a big way.

Starting now, you can save up to $700 on Purple mattresses, bed frames, and bedding bundles. While this offer is geared towards President’s Day, it’s only continuing while supplies last, so picking out what you want as soon as possible will guarantee you get this discount. In order to make the most of this sale, all the items need to be purchased as part of the same order and made via the Purple website. The offer can’t be combined with other deals, and the savings will be applied directly to your cart at checkout.


Through this sale, you can customize your savings depending on the items you pick. If you’re looking to upgrade your mattress, you have a variety you can choose from, like the Hybrid Premier 4 mattress, which is $300 off. The discounts on other beds are ample: The Hybrid Premier 3 mattress is $250 off, the Hybrid mattress is $200 off, the Purple Plus mattress is $150 off, the Purple mattress is $125 off, and the Kids mattress is $50 off. In addition, you can save $25 on the platform bed frame when you get a mattress and get $200 off on the Ascent Adjustable Base (or $400 if it’s for a Split King base with the same size mattress).

Once you choose your new mattress and bed frame, you can pair them with a bedding bundle that includes everything you’ll need. There are three bundles to choose from that each come with the Purple mattress protector and a set of Complete Comfort sheets. If you choose the bundle that comes with two Purple Harmony pillows, you’ll get $200 off. If the bundle comes with two Purple pillows, you’ll save $175, and if it comes with only one Purple Harmony pillow, then you’ll get $150 off. Feel like upgrading to SoftStretch sheets? You can still get these great deals and only pay the difference, which ranges from an extra $30 to $60 depending on the size you choose. However, these bedding bundle savings don’t apply for Kid mattresses.

Make sure to head to Purple and take advantage of this President’s Day mattress, bed frame, and bedding bundle sale while it’s still happening.

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