Mickey Town: Disney Has Announced Plans for Themed Residential Communities

New residential communities are coming from Disney.
New residential communities are coming from Disney. / Octavio Jones/Getty Images

If annual trips to Disneyland or Walt Disney World haven’t satisfied your need to be submerged in a fantasy landscape, you might consider grabbing a condo to live the Disney experience all the time.

According to Deadline, Disney plans on developing a series of residential communities dubbed Storyliving by Disney that will marry a traditional housing development with themed creative concepts courtesy of the company’s famed Imagineers.

The first, Cotino, is slated to open in Rancho Mirage, California. The 1900-unit housing development will range from estates to single-family homes to condos. The community will have an “oasis” for gathering as well as various Disney-oriented events and programs throughout the year. A beachfront park will offer water activities; a communal business district will involve cast members trained in the Disney method of customer service.

While Disney will promote and brand the properties, the company won’t be the actual developer or owner, and the extent to which Disney will inhabit daily activities is not yet clear. Will a fitness instructor dressed as Mickey Mouse lead a Mousercise program? Will Goofy serve lattes at the local café? We’ll know more once ground is broken on Cotino. No completion date has been announced.

[h/t Deadline]