Enjoy the MCU in a Whole New Way With Corkcicle's Marvel Drinkware Collection

Corkcicle / Corkcicle
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Whether you’re a bonafide Marvel Comics fan or wish you could join the Avengers, there’s no denying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has turned many of Stan Lee’s characters into household names. Now, thanks to Corkcicle, you can actually bring these superheroes into your home—or more specifically, your kitchen.

The Corcicle x Marvel drinkware collection features canteens, tumblers, and more with designs based on your favorite Avengers like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Captain Marvel. You can also get the drink containers in the Marvel logo print


The collection has four different products of varying sizes. First is the 20-ounce Sport Canteen for $48, which is the best option if you’re looking for a classic water bottle shape. It features a foldable metal handle at the cap, and its spout is wide enough to fit ice cubes. It can even keep liquids hot for 25 hours or cold for 12 hours.

Then there’s the 20-ounce Tumbler for $40, which is the same size as the Sport Canteen but has a flat top instead of a bottleneck. It can keep drinks cold for over nine hours, hot for three, and features a see-through, shatterproof lid.

Next, the 16-ounce Coffee Mug for $43 is perfect for keeping beverages hot while on the go. It has a side handle like most mugs, can keep your drink warm for three hours, and has a non-slip bottom and lid like the Tumbler. Lastly, the 12-ounce Stemless cup for $35 is an excellent option for people who want to drink some wine without the fuss of breakable glass and stem. It also comes with a clear, sliding lid like the Tumbler and the Coffee Mug, so you don’t have to worry about spilling a drop of your favorite drink.

Most of the designs are available in all four shapes and sizes, but there are a few special options. The most notable example has to be the Hulk green design that’s only available in an exclusive Sport Canteen 60-ounce size for $55 and is most likely a nod to the character’s larger-than-life bulk and smashing skills. You can also get a set of three Stemless 12-ounce cups available only in various Spider-Man colorways and prints for $100. All the items in the collection are made from stainless steel, feature the brand’s proprietary triple insulation, and are handwash only. 

Check out this Marvel drinkware collection at Corkcicle before the items sell out, and if you sign up for text alerts, you can get a free straw.

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