Shoppers Say This Slim Stand Mixer Is Great for Small Kitchens, and Now It’s on Sale for Just $40

At long last, a stand mixer that won’t take up your whole countertop.
At long last, a stand mixer that won’t take up your whole countertop. / Dash/Amazon/lila-love/iStock/Getty Images
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Dash is known for making cute, budget-friendly kitchen gadgets, like mini waffle makers and this wildly popular egg cooker, which is great for making everything from hard-boiled eggs to omelets. But the company has a number of other products too, and some—like the Delish by Dash stand mixer—offer more than just a gateway to a really delicious breakfast. This appliance, which usually retails for $80, gives the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer a run for its money, and now you can get it on sale for an incredible discount.

For a limited time on Amazon, you can get the Delish by Dash starting at $40, so you can save up to about 50 percent. While the sale price alone makes it worth checking out, the most impressive thing about this stand mixer is that it offers the kind of functionality you'd expect from a model that's twice the price.


This 4.1-star-rated unit, which is available in five shades, offers a retro-like design and up to five speeds that'll help you mix, whip, blend, and more. It comes with a tilting motor head, so removing the 3.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl it comes with should be a breeze. You'll also get some nifty, dishwasher-safe attachments, including two dough hooks and two mixer beaters.

At a mere 10.5-inches tall, the Delish by Dash won't take up the kind of counterspace that the 14.1-inch tall KitchenAid stand mixer does, and at five pounds, it weighs significantly less than its 22-pound counterpart. For those who have trouble handling a heavier device, or simply have less room to work with in the kitchen, this could be a game-changer, and many of the more than 3000 Amazon shoppers who have tried the Delish by Dash agree.

"I bought this mixer to replace my hand mixer because I have bad arthritis in my hands," one reviewer wrote. "This small dual mixer works great! I totally recommend it." Another customer was happy with how well it fit into their small kitchen. "We don't have a lot of storage, which can be a pain at times," they wrote. "But this squeezed right into our little cabinet."

Give the Delish by Dash stand mixer a try for $40 and save close to 50 percent in the process on Amazon.

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