Cut Out the Middle Man With Instant Pickles

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Sometimes the pickle cravings come on hard and fast, and there's no time to run out to your nearest grocery store or deli. Enter  Instant Pickles Instructables guide, which can make your pickle-snacking dreams a reality—in less than a minute. 

Normal pickling can take about two days, but this process takes only 30 seconds. To get started, all you need are cucumbers, vinegar, sugar, spices, a cup, a knife, and a large needleless syringe. After mixing together your preferred pickling concoction, pop the cucumber pieces in the syringe and use the plunger to draw in the pickling liquid. 

Once your cucumbers and brine are happily mingling, put your hand over the front end of the syringe. Begin to pull the plunger back and hold tight—the vacuum created will force out all of the cucumber's air pockets, as well as some in the water. Now the brining process can begin. After 30 seconds, push out the remaining liquid, and dump your pickles.

The final, and most important step? Enjoy your instant snack—while you plan out future pickling projects, of course.