Draw Your Own Aquarium


Currently, aquarium owners are limited to sea creatures that exist in real life. Sure, you can buy a plastic sea dragon to throw into the mix, but it's not going to eat anything, or follow your finger around the tank.

Japan-based Takara Tomy Arts understands your boredom with traditional aquariums. The company's newest gadget, Picturerium—an aquarium that hooks up to your smartphone—lets you dream up and draw your own fishy friends. All you need to start populating your tank is some drawing materials. 

Users can doodle anything they like—mermaids, sea creatures, dogs with scuba gear—onto the cards provided. Next, the marine artist places a smartphone over his or her tank. The phone works as both a card reader and a projector. Once the aquarium "recognizes" the doodle, the creations will miraculously appear and start to swim around. 

Even more impressive: these doodle creations actually interact with you. Shoving your phone will make them jump in surprise, and, just like real fish, they will follow your finger. (If you want to feed them, just draw food for them to snack on.) 

You can also scan pictures of friends and family into the tank, although it's hard to think of a good reason to virtually imprison your grandmother in an aquarium. 

Right now, this is a Japan-only toy, but we remain optimistic that it will make its way stateside soon. In the meantime, you'll have to settle for taping drawings to the side of your tank.

[h/t: RocketNews24]