Dogs Chasing Bubbles and Winning

YouTube / BradyStuff
YouTube / BradyStuff / YouTube / BradyStuff

Dogs: Our nation's most precious and underused cuteness resource. This weekend, I have rounded up some of the best "dogs chasing bubbles" video around. Bubbles are just like tennis balls, except they float, cannot be fetched, and are nearly infinite. Game on, dogs!

Audrey the Chihuahua In Slow-Motion

Brady Haran is behind tons of YouTube channels including Numberphile, and he costars on the podcast Hello Internet. He puts extra stuff on his BradyStuff channel. In this almost painfully adorable video, his young chihuahua Audrey chases bubbles in gorgeous slo-mo:

Rescue Dog Bennie Protects Baby from Bubbles

Simple premise: Blow bubbles for the baby. The baby doesn't care much, but the dog, Bennie, does. MUST DESTROY BUBBLES TO SAVE BABY.

Jack Discovers Bubbles

Jack's owner, John Ward, writes: "My dog Jack just discovered bubbles for the first time today." And he munched his first hundred bubbles, before getting a little worn out.

Leaping Dogs Destroy Bubbles in Slow-Motion

A day in the park with dogs Doug, Snoopy, and Darryl. The first two leap to destroy the bubbles at the source. I can see how you could replicate this at home pretty easily. Look:

Boxer and Doberman Eat Bubbles

Just stand on the stump and blow bubbles while your dogs destroy the phantom invaders!

Rescue Dog Discovers Passion for Bubble-Eating

It's just phone camera video, but it's pretty cute seeing this dog eating bubbles out of the air (and off the grass, when handy).

Small Dog, Huge Bubbles

Making huge bubbles on the beach? Bring your dog.

Lexie Is Pure Bubble-Jumping Power

I like that Lexie is a completionist: She always wants more bubbles, and will circle around to catch bubbles she missed. That's a strong bubble-popper.

Field Full of Daycare Dogs Go for Bubbles

Okay, come on. This is what your dog should be doing at doggie daycare every day:

Okay, Now What're You Doing This Weekend?

If you have a dog and a way to make bubbles, might I suggest that this become your new jam?