18 Clever Bookends to Keep Your Books Standing Tall

Mind Oddity
Mind Oddity / Mind Oddity

Whether you’re starting a new collection, or adding to an existing library, make sure you're giving your books the support they need to stand proud. Here are some especially fun additions to liven up your shelves.

1. Rock stars 

Sandwich your tomes with these fantastic natural wonders. These stunning bookends are made from real agate that was cut and polished by hand in Brazil. 

2. Cannon fodder

Knob Creek Metal Arts

makes a whole slew of interesting silhouettes for your library.

3.  A long dog 

Extend your dachshund as far as you like with this charming bookend.

4. A superhero for your shelf

These bookends

make it look like your books are on the edge of tipping over, but are saved at the last minute by an anonymous caped crusader. (The trick is hiding the angled stand in the front cover of the first book.)

5. The tipping point

Using the same illusionary technique, this bookend makes it look like your books are about to crush an innocent bystander

6. All-terrain vehicles

For Star Wars lovers: two Imperial Walkers will helpfully keep your books upright and together. 

7. An optical illusion

This clever bookend

only boasts half the word book, but the reflective metal finishes the word for you.  

8. Good aim 

An arrow appears to spear through your reading material with this quirky bookend set

9. Some well-read cats 

Two cats

get a jump on reading while leaning against the rest of your collection. (You can tell they're bookworms by their tiny glasses.)

10. A cityscape

Your books can become a fixture in your own personal city when you surround them with other skyscrapers. 

11. A reading light

These stained glass bookends

actually light up, so you can find a good book even in the dark.

12. Some time- (or space-) travelers 

These Portal-inspired bookends will make a great conversation piece, and also keep your books organized.  

13. These Game changers 

Supporters of House Stark will appreciate these Game of Thrones bookends. As they do in the crypts below Winterfell, these stone dire wolves will keep a watchful eye on your books.  

14. Bookshelf 9 ¾

These bookends

capture the magic of Harry Potter with a Hogwarts Express train that plows right through your J.K. Rowling collection. 

15. A DIY Set

Team Intrepid

made a Minecraft bookend set out of LEGO bricks, combining two beloved pastimes into one. 

16. This throwback

Hold your books together with vintage game cartridges. The collection is currently sold out, but we have our fingers crossed they'll restock. 

17. A to Z

Emphasize the breadth of your collection with bookends, A and Z.

18. Book-lovers

Just like you'll hopefully be doing, these bookends hunker down and absorb themselves in a good book.