These Instagram Stars Decorate Their Beards With Glitter and Feathers

the gay beards instagram
the gay beards instagram / the gay beards instagram

Brian Delaurenti and Johnathan Dahl are two 25-year-olds with very impressive facial hair. Delaurenti is a painter and Dahl is musician, but in their spare time, they like to decorate their beards with flowers, paint, and glitter. Their Instagram, The Gay Beards, features all of their creative beard arrangements. 

The duo have been friends since they were eight years old. Last year, they came up up with the idea for the account. "We were sitting on the couch, feeling anxiously creative, and we though why not go take a picture of our beards?" they told The Groomed Man Co. "We went off exploring, took a couple photos for our newly created Instagram and the rest truly was history. You could say it just felt right."

The men's full beards have been in the making since 2013. Once a week, Dahl and Delaurenti have creative sessions to decide what fun things to do next. It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to get everything situated before a shoot. 

Despite the planning involved, both of the hirsute Instagram stars are enjoying their newfound fame.

"Getting to meet people out in public has by far been the most memorable thing from starting 'The Gay Beards,'" they have said. "We don’t consider ourselves to be extraordinary people, however having the pleasure to meet strangers from time to time while we are out and about is simply extraordinary."