This Proposed Bridge in Washington Would be Made of Aircraft Carriers


A toll bridge made of multiple decommissioned aircraft carriers would be quite the sight—one that many people are hoping to soon see spanning Sinclair Inlet between Bremerton and Port Orchard, Washington.

The state just received $90,000 to fund a feasibility study for the bridge, and preliminary estimates call for three carriers to fully span the space (two is a possibility, but it would need additional ramps to join the gaps). A major issue is where to get these retired warships. The Navy claims that there's nothing available—but backers of the bridge have their sights set on a few specific ships: The USS Independence, which is slated to head to a salvage yard in Texas later this year, and the USS Kitty Hawk, which will remain in reserve until the Navy's newest carrier, the USS Gerald R Ford, is fully operational.

Washington State Representative Jesse Young, who is leading the call for this unique project, told KOUW, "I know that people from around the world would come to drive across the deck of an aircraft carrier bridge, number one. Number two, it's the right thing to do from my standpoint because this is giving a testimony and a legacy memorial to our greatest generation."

[h/t Popular Mechanics]