Enoshima Aquarium Becomes Interactive at Night


When the sun sets on Enoshima Aquarium in Fujisawa, Japan, the fun is just beginning. "Night Wonder Aquarium 2015,” the sequel to last year's successful event, features a wide array of fun activities and interactive art installations. It's put together by art collective teamLab, known recently for their Floating Flower Garden installation.

The main feature of the exhibit is the Flowers and Fish installation—floral designs are projected right onto the Enoshima Aquarium’s big Sagami Bay tank. As the 20,000 fish swim through the floral lights, it makes the projection dance and move. "When the fish in the tank cross the flowers, the flowers scatter into a burst of petals," the website explains. "The images in this installation are not recorded in advance and replayed; they respond to the movement of the fish, forever changing their appearance. The art that is created in one moment will disappear in the next, never to be seen again."

Along with the projection, there are Resonating Spheres that change colors and make sounds when you poke them. They also react to spheres around them, creating a chain reaction of jingles and colors.

Finally, for the children, there is a sketch station that allows you to draw your own aquarium additions. Just like the Japanese toy Picturerium, the doodles can be scanned and projected into the aquarium.

The exhibit runs from July 18th until December 25th, and tickets cost ¥2100 ($17).

[h/t: Fashion 36]