Watch a Slow-Motion Video of Lightning in Action

Screenshot via Vimeo
Screenshot via Vimeo / Screenshot via Vimeo

Recorded at 2,000 frames per second, lightning slows down just enough to let you trace its jagged path. In this video shot during a South Dakota lightning storm earlier this month, lightning researcher and photographer Tom Warner captured bolts of lightning as they zapped across the sky—and violently struck the ground. 

Slow Motion Lightning, 12 July 2015 from ZT Research on Vimeo

Warner's daughter shot the footage of the small storms system with a high-speed video camera while Warner drove. Here we see it in slow motion (which still looks pretty speedy, because lighting moves incredibly fast). The video is beautiful in a way that makes you want to stay safely indoors for a long time.  

[h/t: Smithsonian]