17 Videos of Pets Getting Into Trouble While Home Alone


Have you ever wondered what pets do when their owners leave them home alone? Do they sit at the door and wait? Or do they sleep all day? A few curious pet owners set up hidden cameras to see exactly what went on. Sure, some pets were sad to see their humans go. Others found plenty of ways to entertain themselves, including:

1. Self-expression

Left to its own devices, this cat talked up a storm.

2. Making friends

This cat decided to have a stuffed animal party and dragged the guests (victims?) into the living room.

3. Lounging

These dogs know they're not allowed on the couch, but when no one else is home, they also know that there's no one to stop them from doing what they want.

4. Climbing

This beagle isn't going to let anything as silly as a massive, chain-link fence stop him from pursuing his dreams. (Of chasing squirrels, probably.)

5. Bugging out

When the owner's away, the cat will most definitely play.

6. Wreaking havoc

This dog decided to channel his inner rock star and trash the living room.

7. Wrestling

Human-free frolicking is the best kind of frolicking.

8. Keeping order

When she's not sleeping, this German Shepherd investigates every room in the house.

9. Snacking

Not even an oven heated to 325 degrees will stop this beagle from getting his share of the chicken nuggets.

10. Wandering

Sometimes these cats fight, but they spend a lot more time napping and playing with random objects.

11. Rebelling

This ferret knows exactly what she's not supposed to be doing—and does it anyway.

12. Foiling evil human plots

This dog knows what his owner is up to, and he isn't having any of it.

13. Partying

Think your house is haunted? The mischief-maker might just be your cat.

14. Being adorable

Rabbits don't cause that much mischief when left alone, but they sure are cute!

15. Hogging the bed

This dog is just settling in for a good nap.

16. Taking care of business

These Guinea pigs couldn't care less that their humans have left them home alone. They've got their own business to attend to.

17. Hosting slumber parties

Dogs know the best seat in the house is actually the bed, and when we're not home, they act accordingly.