Watch 20 Minutes of a Flying Kite in a Single Minute

Vimeo / Vimeo

We’ve all found ourselves mesmerized by the sight of a kite snaking through the sky. Now, master time-collapser Cy Kuckenbaker has crafted the ultimate in hypnotic beach-viewing.  

On June 29th, Kuckenbaker spent 20 minutes flying a kite on a San Diego County beach—then subsequently collapsed it into just over a minute of footage.

As he writes on his website: “I injured my shoulder last summer and couldn’t surf or swim all year so I started flying kites at the beach for fun, that’s the source of the idea. In the previous videos I looked for large scale events but for this one I was curious to see what could emerge from something really simple.”

The aforementioned videos are devoted to things like midday traffic and airplane landings, so aside from being a small scale event, the subject of a kite flying on the beach is also markedly less stress-inducing and a good way to spend a minute while you dream of your next beach excursion.

20 Minutes of Kite Flying Time Collapsed: San Diego Study #6 from Cy Kuckenbaker on Vimeo.