Domino's Now Delivers Pizza Via Airplane to Caribbean Islands

YouTube / YouTube

When spending time on a Caribbean island, a person wants for nothing. Except for maybe the occasional pizza.

The islands of Saba and St. Eustatius might never have known that pizza delivery was the thing missing from their lives, had it not been for an April Fools’ joke. A promise of helicopter pizza delivery on April 1st had residents craving the good stuff for days, weeks and months after.

That’s when Domino's donned its hero hat and joined forces with airline Winair to make the dream of plane pizza delivery a reality for the islands. The delivery service began earlier this month, with pizzas flying in from a Domino's in the St. Maarten airport.

Audrey Agard is a manager at the Domino's location. She told Mashable that since the service launched, the restaurant has seen several requests every day—and neither Domino's nor Winair has had to drastically modify things to accommodate the cravings of the neighboring islands. The service works around existing flights, and the pizza is put in the oven just before departure. It’s in the air for 15 to 20 minutes before landing, where the buyer picks it up at the airport. The small inconvenience of having to leave home is mitigated by the nominal delivery fee: $2.75.

To watch a pizza complete the harrowing journey, watch the video below.