See the Northern Lights From Outer Space

Twitter user, @StationCDRKelly
Twitter user, @StationCDRKelly / Twitter user, @StationCDRKelly

You have to travel to especially high latitudes to get even an earth-bound view of the Aurora Borealis. But this latest look at the Northern Lights comes from an even more remote location: On board the International Space Station.

Over the weekend, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly shared a quick clip on Twitter capturing the stunning moment that the sun crests over Earth's horizon and floods the Northern Lights as the ISS hurtles through the sky at roughly 17,000 mph.

Kelly's Twitter is a must-follow for space buffs and fans of incredible imagery. Right now he's about halfway through a planned 342-day stay on ISS and sharing photos from his unique vantage daily. Check out a few more recent highlights below:

[h/t The Verge]