This Travel Jacket Is as Nerdy as It Is Awesome

Baubax LLC via Kickstarter
Baubax LLC via Kickstarter / Baubax LLC via Kickstarter

Well-placed pockets can make or break your outerwear. The folks at BauBax LLC understand this, and they’ve responded by creating the jacket of every travel nerd’s dreams.

“The World’s Best Travel Jacket” is a Kickstarter project that aims to make traveling as painless as possible. The jacket comes with 15 highly-specific features, including built-in gloves, a zipper that doubles as a pen, and a koozie drink pocket (why that last one doesn't already come standard on every jacket is a mystery). 

Perhaps the most exciting feature is the built-in inflatable neck pillow. The Kickstarter video demonstrates its use on an airplane, but its easy accessibility would open up wearers to a whole new world of possibilities. We wouldn't be surprised to see people inflating their neck pillows on the subway or while waiting in line for coffee in the near future.

The jacket comes as a sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber, or blazer for both men and women, so you can sport your nerdiness in style. At the time of writing, backers have pledged more than $5.1 million, blowing away the original goal of $20,000. Donations are open for another 16 days, so there’s still a chance to claim a travel jacket of your own. Just don't forget to empty all nine pockets before getting it cleaned.