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Watch This 3D Printer Print Mesmerizing Glass Goo

Michele Debczak
Mediated Matter Group via Vimeo
Mediated Matter Group via Vimeo / Mediated Matter Group via Vimeo

MIT’s Mediated Matter Group has unveiled their never-before-seen glass 3D printing process, and it's incredibly hypnotic. The newly-released video shows the glass printer known as the G3DP at work as it heats and cools preexisting glass to form elegant sculptures. 

It functions by heating the substance in the upper “Kiln Cartidge” and heating and cooling it in a lower chamber to soften the glass into a workable material. The result is beautiful, honey-like glass goop.

It’s so entrancing that anyone watching in person might feel tempted to reach out and touch it, though that's highly discouraged considering the machine operates at 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. For now, we’ll enjoy the masterwork from the safety of our computers. 

GLASS from Mediated Matter Group on Vimeo.