Microsoft's Ultra-Awkward 'Windows 7 House Party' Video

YouTube / LaunchParties
YouTube / LaunchParties / YouTube / LaunchParties

When Windows 7 launched, Microsoft encouraged users to hold Windows 7-themed house parties to install the new operating system. Sadly, I missed out on these. At these parties, Windows users were encouraged to eat hors d'oeuvres, snap digital photos, and do pre-planned Windows-related activities (including, you know, installing Windows 7). It was utterly ridiculous. Here's a promotional video Microsoft created explaining how to conduct a house party. Yes, Microsoft felt the need to train people on how to conduct a party in their own homes. Behold:

Sample quote: "Hey, again, you don't have to do the activities listed under your Party Theme. You just look at them all and decide which one seems to be the most fun for your guests! And some of the Host Notes...they list bonus activities! [everyone enthusiastically agrees]"

Wired confirmed that this is real, and not intentionally bad. In an article about the video, Eliot Van Buskirk wrote, "A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed that the video is a legitimate Microsoft product, created without ironic intent...." From the same article:

Hosts are encouraged to highlight useful features in the Windows 7 operating system to a minimum of ten registered friends and to post pictures of the event on the launch party site. In return for throwing the party, they get a “free party package to share with [their] guests,” including a free copy of Windows 7 as well as a deck of playing cards, a poster, a puzzle, a centerpiece, napkins, streamers, balloons, and ten tote bags.

The free copy of Windows 7 doesn't sound bad. And I wouldn't turn down the tote bags. And the video above is not all—there's a whole YouTube channel dedicated to collecting Windows 7 House Party-related videos. Here's one: