Build Lifesize Creations with Giant LEGO Bricks


Ever wish you could live inside some of your better LEGO creations? You can't, but designer Arnon Rosan made something that's almost as good.

EverBlock provides the average person the ability to construct furniture and larger structures the same way they would build a LEGO set. The polypropylene bricks snap together, letting builders stack and create anything from a coffee table to a shed. The blocks come in three sizes: quarter (3 inches), half (6 inches), and full (12 inches). The bigger, full blocks weigh a hefty two pounds. Each bricks also has channels that allow for wires and LEDs to be strung through them. You can pick between 14 different colors, so a rainbow fortress with electricity is an option. 

The blocks can be bought or rented, so they can be used for short-term events and parties. The company also offers design and installation, for those who need a little help with the building. 

“When we first started, I envisioned that people would know instinctively how to build with them,” Rosan told WIRED. But it turns out that size makes it a little more complicated. Stability is a lot more important when dealing with structures that could crush you, so the building process involves more planning than trial and error. The key is to stagger the bricks so the top ones cover the seams of the ones beneath them. 

Rosan first expected the bricks to be used for small scale projects like furniture, but they can also be used to make larger buildings, walls, and art. The idea of creating whole houses out of blocks is a fun idea, and Rosan is exploring expanding the series to include windows and doors. 

While there are obvious limitations, these blocks are very efficient. They could be used to quickly and easily create emergency structures. “You could drop two pallets of these by helicopter and the next thing you know you have a solid, rigid structure,” Rosan said. 

[h/t: WIRED]