Waffle House Says It's Sold 1 Billion Waffles in 60 Years

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It’s a big week for Waffle House, the roadside restaurant chain that was founded in 1955 after two neighbors, Joe Rogers, Sr. and Tom Forker, decided their small Atlanta suburb needed a 24-hour greasy spoon. 

Not only did Waffle House turn 60 on Labor Day, the breakfast behemoth reportedly also sold its one billionth waffle on Tuesday. Yes, one billion waffles. That’s 16,666,667 waffles per year, 45,662 waffles per day, 1,903 waffles per hour… We could go on, but we’d just get hungry.

According to USA Today, the lucky customer who purchased the prized one billionth waffle in Atlanta, Georgia, was presented with a commemorative plaque, a goody bag, and a shower of balloons. The entire restaurant was also treated to free breakfast.

Although Waffle House says their calculations were based on forecast models, the timing of its “one billionth waffle” is suspiciously, well, timely, Paste magazine points out. Not only was Monday the franchise's birthday, but this week is apparently “National Waffle Week.” (The chain plans to celebrate accordingly by offering special events, prizes, and free tours at the flagship Waffle House museum in Avondale Estates, Ga.)

However, the chain does operate more than 1800 locations in 25 states. It’s open 365 days a year and apparently serves two percent of the eggs produced in the United States for food service. Honestly, we’d be surprised if they hadn’t sold at least one billion waffles by now.