New Rooftop Mural in Norway May Be the Largest in the World


French artist duo Ella & Pitr have created what might be the world’s largest mural.

The 226,0040-square-foot painting of a sleeping woman in track shorts and a tank top stretches across a rooftop in Stavanger, Norway. It’s called “Lilith & Olaf”—squint, and you can see a tiny Norwegian king perched under the woman’s torso.

Ella & Pitr created the mural for one of Europe’s leading street art exhibitions—the week-long Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway. Thanks to a team of volunteers, the entire work took only four days. Word isn’t out on whether “Lilith & Olaf” has officially knocked the Pueblo Levee Project—a large, outdoor mural in Pueblo, Colorado—out of the Guinness World Records. However, given that the latter painting is "only" 178,194 square feet, the scenario’s entirely likely.

“Lilith & Olaf” is the latest in a series of giant figures painted by the French artists across the globe. Similar works have been completed in Europe, South America, and Canada—all of snoozing figures sprawled across large swaths of ground or rooftop.

The catch? “Lilith & Olaf” is so large that viewers can only catch a glimpse of the entire final product from the air. However, this also means that birds, hang gliders, and airplane passengers can continue to enjoy the painting long after the Nuart Festival ends this weekend. You can, too, by watching this aerial YouTube video, which captures the sleepy giant in full.