A Remote Primary School in Scotland is Looking for a New Teacher

Help Us Find Scoraig Primary a Teacher/Facebook
Help Us Find Scoraig Primary a Teacher/Facebook / Help Us Find Scoraig Primary a Teacher/Facebook

If you’ve ever fantasized about what it would have been like to work as a Victorian governess in a faraway land, you might want to consider the current position a tiny Highland community in northern Scotland has for one teacher.

The people of Scoraig—a remote peninsula replete with windmills, misty moors, and stunning sea views—are searching for a teacher “with physical and emotional stability” who can run a primary school with only five students. However, they’re having trouble attracting qualified candidates.

Located 150 miles north of Glasgow, Scoraig is only accessible by boat or via a winding, three-mile footpath. Its winters are harsh. Mail is delivered just three times per week. And the community itself attracts a certain self-selecting breed of rugged individualism. Its 70 inhabitants grow their own food, make their own clothing, produce their own electricity, and generally live off the land. So far, the right educator hasn’t been tough—or adventurous—enough to commit to the job.

Scoraig is currently relying on temporary teachers, who travel in and out of the region via ferry. However, this makeshift solution will only work for so long. As the employment listing states, “more babies [are] on the way.” Pretty soon, the school will expand—and by then, Scoraig will need to have found a full-time faculty member.

The annual salary range is roughly $33,500 to $53,500—an amount that’s sure to go far in a region with no grocery stores, bars, shopping centers, or restaurants. Applications are due by September 21, 2015, and can be filled out online. And yes, despite Scoraig's far-flung location, you do need an official teaching qualification to apply.

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