Build Your Own Nautilus Bookshelf

Eric J. Wilhelm, instructables
Eric J. Wilhelm, instructables / Eric J. Wilhelm, instructables

Give your library a nautical twist with this bookshelf created by Instructables founder Eric J. Wilhelm.

The parent and DIYer noticed that his children's books come in a wide variety of shapes, making it difficult for them to stack on a traditional bookshelf. Taking inspiration from the ocean, Wilhelm created a shelf that resembles a nautilus. The cephalopods' shells contain different sized chambers that can be utilized for deviating book space. Books, games, and toys can be jammed into the various nooks and crannies of the unit.

This fun, off-kilter bookcase can hold children's books, or a collection of marine biology tomes. "This nautilus-inspired bookshelf isn't meant to be efficient or to pack books neatly, it's about willingly, enthusiastically accepting the chaos that is kids books," Wilhelm says.