Wear Your Favorite Book Around Your Neck


Everyone has a favorite book that they've read multiple times. To celebrate that special tome, you can now wear a (tiny) version of it around your neck, thanks to Barcelona-based jeweler Violeta Hernando.

Her Etsy store, Bunnyhell, boasts a big selection of titles, from kid favorites like Where the Wild Things Are to older classics like Dracula. If you're looking for something a little more obscure, the artist also makes custom pieces. Each book is designed to look like a well-loved vintage copy. 

Hernando first got the idea for book charms when she found her sister-in-law's old dollhouse. The artist thought the miniature home could use a better library, and set out to make the books herself. The idea to combine her two hobbies—jewelry and book-making—was a natural next step.

You can explore the miniature library here