What Does the Pope Eat?

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Pope Francis is known for trying to live a fairly modest life—riding around in a Fiat instead of a limo, for instance. And it seems his diet is also on the humble side. According to The New York Times, the Pope is skipping out on fine dining in the Big Apple during his U.S. visit. 

Instead, he’s limiting the meals at his Upper East Side townhouse to the relatively bland rotation of fish, rice, and bananas. (Perhaps he has an upset stomach?)

Per the Times:

There is no reception for cardinals planned, no dinner for 52 with vegetable risotto prepared by cooks from the restaurants Del Posto, Becco and Felidia, as there was when Pope Benedict XVI visited in 2008. Francis’ doctor has limited him to dinners of fish and white rice, also to be prepared by guest chefs, said the Vatican’s representative to the United Nations, Archbishop Bernardito Auza. The pope himself has requested only still water and bananas in his room.

But, lest you think His Holiness is too monastic, know that he does occasionally let loose. In fact, he may have been taking advantage of his sojourn in Rome a little too much for his holy health. Earlier this year, Vatican doctors put a strict limit on his pasta intake to combat papal weight gain, and he has previously said that the worst thing about being the Pope is that he can no longer wander into a pizzeria unnoticed. But that didn't stop him from getting a special pie delivery to his Popemobile a few days after that remark (yellow cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, for the record). 

And, while we’re on the subject of hip popes, can we just mention that Francis has a “prog-rock-infused album” coming out later this year? Truly, the man is set on being the rock star of religious dignitaries. 

[h/t: The New York Times]