31 Stunning Photos of Sunday's Supermoon Eclipse

Hannah Keyser
Getty Images
Getty Images / Getty Images

On Sunday night, people around the world witnessed an astronomical event that has only occurred five times since 1900: a rare total super harvest moon eclipse. The Moon was full, as near to us as it gets, and perfectly aligned with the Earth and Sun. The result was a giant, full Moon that appeared orange, rust, crimson, or red, the likes of which won't be seen again until 2033.

We've rounded up some of the best photos from last night's celestial event.

Even before the eclipse, the glowing supermoon provided plenty of photo ops:

Glastonbury, U.K. // Getty Images

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil // Getty Images

Wrigley Field in Chicago, Ill. // Getty Images

As the eclipse began…

Netanya, Israel // Getty Images

Trébons-sur-la-Grasse, France // Getty Images

And the complete lunar supermoon eclipse:

Godewaersvelde, France // Getty Images

Burbank, Calif. // Getty Images

Washington D.C. // Getty Images

Los Angeles, Calif. // Getty Images

Stasbourg, France // Getty Images

Los Angeles, Calif. // Getty Images

Caracas, Venezuela // Getty Images

Denver, Colo. // Getty Images

La Rochelle, France // Getty Images

Las Vegas, Nev. // Getty Images

Las Vegas, Nev. // Getty Images