The Darwin Tank Lets You Keep Jellyfish at Home


As far as aquarium exhibits go, the jellyfish room has always been the most peaceful. The only thing to break that tranquility? Screaming children and muttering crowds. If you're interested in bottling that peacefulness and bringing it home with you, there might soon be a way.

Florence Samain and Dave Monfort of the Belgium-based The Darwin Sect have been hard at work creating an aquarium just for jellyfish that can be safely kept at home. Called the Darwin Tank, the little aquarium resembles a glass bell jar.

Jellyfish are poor swimmers and need a current to keep them moving. With a lot of hard work and advice on fluid dynamics from professor Jeroen van Beeck of the von Karman Institute, the duo was able to create an effective system called the StreamMaker. This gentle stream is strong enough to push the little jellies along, but does not run the risk of sucking them into the filter. Thanks to the fluid design, it's easy to turn the device over to open it, if needed. 

The Darwin Sect recommends a number of dazzling jellyfish species to live in your tank. Some include the moon jelly, the spotted jelly, and the blue blubbers jellyfish.

Of course, that tranquility comes at a price: To pre-order one of these delightful aquariums, it'll set you back about $1500. You can support their Kickstarter here