Skip Baggage Fees By Becoming a Traveling Advertisement


Advertisements have long been a way to provide entertainment, transportation, and other services for free or at a fraction of their usual cost. We have become so accustomed to ads in our daily life that they seem almost natural. With this in mind, it doesn't seem like a terrible idea to subsidize one more expense with advertising. In this case, it would be your suitcase, to circumnavigate the troublesome baggage fees.

Orion Travel Tech believes that suitcases are the next taxi screen. But unlike cabs, these rolling billboards travel all over the world. By offering branded suitcases, travelers can have their baggage fees paid for—a win-win for both parties. People who would be interested in this service are likely frequent travelers, so there would be ample time for a good amount of eyes on the luggage.

Launching next year, Orion will start by providing participants with hard-shelled rolling suitcases. The owners will get to pick whatever skins they would like to emblazon on their luggage, and can change them up to four times a year. It comes with a GPS tracker, which—if you can get over how creepy that is—will alert you if anyone opens or tampers with your suitcase.

To go along with their new billboard-bag, the user will receive a gift card to use at check-in. Orion will load it up with $50 so you don't have to worry about paying any extra for your luggage. The first six months of this program are completely free, but after the initial period, it costs $20 for the following year—still cheaper than checking your bags one time.

So yes, you'll be a walking advertisement, but in exchange, you get a free bag and waived baggage fees. Not a bad deal!

[h/t: Springwise]